The Pre-Law Club is committed to providing a forum in which students at the University of British Columbia with a vested interest in the field of law may summon together.


The Club ought to be empowered to do all things necessary which are incidental to and necessary for the attainment of the objects of the Club.


 Section 1

In addressing this organization, it will be referred to as the UBC Pre-Law Club (PLS).


Section 1

The Pre-Law Club is established to better prepare students at the University of British Columbia for the application process to law schools; to inform students about the various aspects of the field of law and a legal career; and to bring together UBC students who share a common interest in the law.

Section 2

The Pre-Law Club agrees to abide by all established University policies and procedures.


Section 1

UBC Pre-Law Club membership shall be considered open to all students at the University of British Columbia. Members will be accepted on a continuous basis.

Section 2

Membership is non-binding. The Executive Board reserves the right to impose and determine the amount of dues. Members may remain in the Pre-Law Club without paying dues; however, non-paying members may be charged or excluded from events held by the UBC Pre-Law Club at the discretion of the Executive Board.

Section 3

The Pre-Law Club shall not discriminate on the grounds of sex, race, color, religion, national origin, disability, citizenship, or sexual orientation. UBC Pre-Law Club membership shall be offered to students currently enrolled in the University of British Columbia.


Section 1

The UBC Pre-Law Club Executive Board will consist of, but are not limited to the following voting officers: President(s), External, Internal, Sponsorship, Marketing, Events, and Treasurer (read: with the possibility of extension in case of a ‘tie’). The Executive Board’s responsibilities will include, but are not limited to: possessing ultimate responsibility for the UBC Pre-Law Club; representing the UBC Pre-Law Club to and outside the UBC community; and presiding over meetings of the UBC Pre-Law Club. Honorary members (past executive members) will not have to pay dues.

Section 2

The Executive Board must be notified at least twenty-four hours in advance, in writing, when any member of the Board will miss a meeting. Three missed meetings without prior notification will result in one warning, as addressed in Article V, Section 2.

Section 3

The President’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to: presiding over the Executive Board, delegating duties to other Executive Board members, and planning events and meetings. The President is the official spokesperson of the UBC Pre-Law Club and must approve all outgoing publicity or correspondence.

Section 4

The Co-President’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to: planning events and meetings, scheduling space for events and meetings, addressing financial matters in cooperation with the Treasurer, and assuming the responsibilities of the President in the case that he or she may be unavailable or absent.

Section 5

The Treasurer’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to: maintaining the financial stability and health of the UBC Pre-Law Club, developing fundraising programs for the organization, collecting membership dues, and requesting funds for the UBC Pre-Law Club account. The Treasurer is responsible for working with the President to submit the UBC Pre-Law Club budget to AMS for the entire 12 month school year.

Section 6

The President or Co-President reserves the right to appoint new executive members when deemed necessary.

Clause A

Dues-paying members may suggest alternative positions to work under the Executive Board. The creation of such suggested positions must be approved by a majority vote of the Executive Board.

Section 7

As implied in previous sections, the Executive Board will work cooperatively in an effort to provide the members of the UBC Pre-Law Club with numerous programs and opportunities throughout the year.


Section 1

Contingent to current circumstances, officers will be elected by secret ballot of a simple majority taken by the Executive members of the UBC Pre-Law Club who have been members for at least three weeks.  Elections will be presided over by the outgoing Executive Board or an outside source for the counting of ballots. Candidates may be nominated by another dues-paying member, or may nominate themselves, prior to the campaigning period.  It is mandatory that the outgoing Executive Board prior to the election must interview all candidates. The outgoing Executive Board prior to the election must approve all candidates.  Elections must be held within four weeks prior to the last day of final examinations as scheduled by the University.


Section A

Grounds for termination of an Executive member are as follows: 1) Failure to faithfully execute the required duties of his or her office, and/or 2) Failure to attend the required number of Executive Board Meetings and/or membership meetings, and/or 3) Refusal to pay any debts owed to the club or any debts incurred on the club by said member, and/or 4) General embarrassment of the club to its purpose, as concerned with the member's duties, and/or 5) Disclosure of any activities or confidential discussion that takes place in Executive Board meetings.

Section B

The procedure for termination shall be as follows: The individual shall be presented with a written copy of the charges against him or her and the names of those persons filing the charges at least one week before the Board is to vote on the matter. The individual concerned shall have the opportunity to speak to the Executive Board in an official capacity before the said vote is taken. The Executive Board shall vote to request that the individual concerned submit his or her resignation. If the individual refuses to resign, he or she shall be informed that the termination proceedings shall begin. The Board will vote on the termination, and the termination must be passed by a two-thirds vote of the Board.

Section C

In the event that the termination motion is charged against a sitting Executive member, then the charges, after the Board has asked for the resignation by a two-thirds vote, must be sent to the general membership for consideration. In this case, the Board must notify the general membership at least one week before the meeting at which the accused will meet in front of a quorum of the paid members to present his case. Twenty-five percent of the membership must be present to vote, and the termination must pass by a vote of simple majority of that quorum.

Clause A

In case of removal of an Executive member from the Executive Board, a new election to fill the vacant seat must be held within one week following the vacancy pursuant to the election process explained in Article V, Section 1.

Clause B

An Executive Board member that has been cast with a vote of no confidence, cannot run for office in future elections of the Pre-Law Club.  He/she can still remain a member of the UBC Pre-Law Club, conditionally on payment of dues.


Section 1

The UBC Pre-Law Club will depend on funds allocated by the AMS of the University of British Columbia, dues received from paying members, and fundraising activities. The UBC Pre-Law Club will submit an annual AMS budget request, subject to the discretion of the President and the Treasurer.

Section 2

All financial records of the UBC Pre-Law Club will be maintained by the Treasurer, but must be available for viewing by request of another Executive Board member. The Treasurer assumes responsibility for these records.


Section 1

Amendments to the Constitution of the UBC Pre-Law Club may be proposed, in writing, to the Executive Board by any dues-paying member. Following this initial proposal, a period of at least one week, but not more than four, must pass before a vote on one or more amendments may be held. An open ballot of dues-paying members will be held and proposed amendments will pass with the support of a two thirds majority of voters.