Davis LLP Firm Visit Recap

“Guys… it smells like the future!”

Davis LLP firm visit

When UBC Pre Law Association met up in downtown on a sunny Thursday morning to tour Davis LLP, the law firm that was kind enough host us for the morning, the firm definitely left an impression on us. Located high up in the sky (or the 26th floor to be accurate), the offices overlook the city of Vancouver, the city where the firm was founded.  With offices throughout Canada, Davis LLP is a large business law firm which offers clients cross-jurisdictional advice services and remains the only Canada-based law firm with an office in Japan.

Not only were the views of the mountains breathtaking, but the people working for Davis LLP were extremely accommodating. Two articled students, Alex and Johanna, were able to take us on a tour and answer all our burning questions from everything about the LSAT to life at law school. The Director of Student Programs, Kerry, shared his vast knowledge about law school and also gave us pointers on how to secure employment, particularly articling positions after law school. Some of his useful tips included what kinds of things he would look for on a resume when hiring students fresh out of law school to article. Interestingly, Kerry mentioned that although a solid and consistent transcript is paramount, your resume should have something more to offer beyond just grades such as work experience that shows that you were growing in your position. Even if it is something not related to law, such as a barista, dedication to your job and steady promotions show Kerry and other hiring partners that you are dedicated and hardworking, two traits necessary to be a good lawyer. A job that allows you to work on your communication skills is also useful for lawyers spend a lot of time communicating with their clients on a variety of platforms.

During our tour we even got to see the infamous horse-hair wig that dates back to over a century ago that Davis the founding father of the firm himself used to rock. In the 19th century, court dress for barristers involved such wigs; think of it as the suit and tie of today’s world. UBC Pre-law members are infamous for rocking the permanent business-casual look 24/7, something tells me that working for a big law firm such as Davis LLP is only a stepping stone away!

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