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The long awaited day is finally here,  UBC Pre-Law Blog is officially up and running! I will be keeping you guys updated with all the exciting events that we will be having this year, as well as event recaps, interviews with various key figures, and other random and useful tidbits of information that will hopefully help you all on your journeys to law school, no matter where your current location is.

But on to exciting news, Pre-Law is holding a special event on Thursday November 7th right on UBC campus, the Blueprint LSAT Prep Session!

The event, a workshop with one of the top LSAT prep companies in the world is not to be missed no matter when you see yourself eventually taking that delightful test.

The event starts at 5:30pm; free for Pre-Law Members and only $5 for non-members. For those of you who aren’t sure what it will be about, the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) is a crucial part of any law school application in North America.  Blueprint will be engaging with students and sharing tips and tricks to conquer the test with the highest rate of success possible, combining that with the least amount of stress! Sounds perfect, no? I for one am writing the LSAT in February 2014 and anything that takes away some of the stress is extremely helpful. Blueprint has years making sure students do well on the exam, and the valuable information they will be providing is a great way to get into the LSAT spirit. Even if you still are not sure when you will be writing the test, or even if you plan to write it at all, the event is an excellent opportunity for everyone to get a look at what the test will entail and try a couple practice question so you can start planning for the future. As they say, planning leads to success and it’s never to early to start.

Come out to the Henry Angus Building room 037 on Nov 7th. Casual dress is appropriate, but the desire to get that 180 one day is recommended! RSVP at the event Facebook page:

Hope to see you all there and I hope to keep you all entertained this year as I, Liza Afanassieva, will be blogging away on here and keeping the UBC Pre-Law community updated on everything that is happening.

Happy Studying!

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