List of 2014/15 Pre-Law Society Events and Important Dates

Event details are subject to change at any time. Please check back closer to the event date for updated information.

  • Admissions Night – September 30th, 5pm Allard Hall
    Pre-Law’s first event of the year is a big one! We’ve invited the admission officers of 8 Law Schools in North America to come talk about their programs. They will be giving information on the admission process to each of the different schools and the intricacies and benefits of applying and becoming a student of their school. The representatives will also be on hand to answer any of your questions. The night will end with refreshments and light snacks as you get the chance to converse with our guests on a one on one basis. This year we will have representatives from UBC, UVic, Queens, UofA, USask, UofT, Washington, and Western university. Don’t hesitate — RSVP to our event right now!
  • Opportunities Abroad – October 9th, Location TBA
    We will be partnering up with Future Project to provide our members with a look at law schools abroad for Canadian students. Specifically, the focus will be on law schools in the UK, how to come back to work in Canada and the process in applying for those schools. Light refreshments will be provided.
  • LSAT Workshop:
    The LSAT is a crucial aspect of your law school application. In collaboration with our partners Kaplan, Powerscore, Blueprint and more, we host exclusive prep workshops at UBC with professional LSAT tutors. They will go over LSAT mock exams, specific LSAT sections, and writing your personal statements. Our sponsors also offer our members discounted prep courses and course material. We will be having LSAT workshops throughout the year.
  • Club Social:
    This year we would like to really get to know all our members on a more personal level. We have no idea what we are going to do yet and we’re open to suggestions! The plan is to meet all of you guys and talk about non-academic things and have a good time out. Keep posted for more details!
  • Life of a Law Student:
    This event provides our members with an opportunity to pick the brains of law students from UBC! Having experienced law school and the law school application process, these individuals will be able to provide valuable and useful insight for any pre-lawyer. Each law student will give a brief self-introduction, a summary of their journey to law school, as well as as an overview of what you can expect in law school.
  • December 2014 LSAT Administration – December, 2014
  • No club events planned in recognition of final exam period and winter break
  • Law Firm Visit:
    Each year, UBC Pre-Law Society visits a law firm in the lower mainland. This event provides the opportunity for you to network with legal professionals, understand the daily operations of a law firm and help decide if law is the appropriate career for you.
  • Pre-Law Society Court Visit – early February
  • February 2014 LSAT Administration – February 2014
  • Hiring Season:
    Join our team! We will be hiring for the executives of the next school year at this time. A list of available positions will be released at the beginning of the month with interviews happening throughout the month. We look forward to all the applicants.
  • An Evening with Law:
    This is our signature legal networking event and gala. This event gives you the opportunity to network with various lawyers from the Lower Mainland, each with their own specialties and experiences. Members will spend the night with lawyers eating and drinking in our final event of the year!
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