Exec Feature #3: VP Marketing, Fiona Wong


Our third executive feature is of our incredibly involved and talented VP Marketing, Fiona Wong. Fiona is the hard work and dedication behind Pre-Law’s creative designs and social media marketing efforts.

She is a fourth year International Relations student intending to pursue a law degree after obtaining her BA, specializing in international, human rights, or criminal law. Throughout undergrad, she has been actively involved with World Vision UBC, UBC Political Science Student Association, Free the Children, Hong Kong Students’ Association, and UBC Orientations. Passionate about poverty and human rights issues, Fiona has also fundraised annually for the 30 Hour Famine and taught English in rural China. After spending third year abroad on two exchanges to the Chinese University of Hong Kong and University of Manchester, and the past summer as a flight attendant, Fiona is humbled, and thrilled to serve on both the Pre-Law executive team and the UBC Model United Nations Secretariat for the 2015-2016 year.

We asked her a few additional questions regarding her current experience with UBC, and future aspirations with regard to law:

Question: What inspired you to want to pursue law school?
Answer: I really enjoy helping others, particularly those that are less fortunate than us. I become increasingly frustrated with inequality in society and this motivates me to speak up, and reach out to people because I believe everyone can make a difference in any given situation. Inequality occurs most often due to a lack of resources and opportunities, but more so due to a lack of knowledge. An education in law will deepen my understanding of why inequality exists, and allow me to protect not only my own, but the wellbeing of others as well.

Question: How did you first get started with Pre-Law Society?
Answer: I joined the club in first year as a general member, and when applications opened up I applied and accepted the position as VP Marketing. I’ve been in the same position for 3 years now, and it’s great being able to integrate my pastime hobby of designing graphics with this academic organization that I am truly passionate about.

Question: What do you like best about Pre-Law Society?
Answer: I met some of my closest friends in university through Pre-Law Society. Our executive team does a lot of team bonding through taking team photos, going on retreat to Harrison Lake and dinners throughout the year. I really like interacting with the executive team and general members because we are all geared toward the same (if not similar) goal, and that is to eventually pursue law school. Seeing classmates attend the events we plan throughout the year is quite rewarding as well!

Question: What does your ideal journey to becoming a lawyer look like?
Answer: I’m in my final year of International Relations, so after obtaining my BA I’m going to take a year off, study/take the LSAT, then spend half a year either pursuing a Legal Administrative Assistant diploma, or interning with the United Nations in Vienna or the International Criminal Court in The Hague, Netherlands, before I (hopefully) begin law school!

Question: What are some of your favourite places at UBC to hang out or study?
Answer: Coincidentally, Peter A. Allard School of Law! I also like to study at Irving, especially during finals season because the students around me motivate me to work harder. I usually like to meet up with friends in the Nest as well.

Some of Fiona’s hobbies include putting her creativity to use by making cover photos for Pre-Law, yoga, photography, trying new food around her city, and travelling. A fun fact about her is that she was a flight attendant this summer with Air Canada rouge, which included skydiving in Hawaii during a layover!

Be sure to catch her at our upcoming events – Challenges From Abroad: Bringing An Overseas Degree Home (Oct 29th) and Life of a Law Student (Nov 17th)!

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