Exec Feature #4: VP Events, Ashley Brown

Behind all the well-executed events are two of Pre-Law’s hardworking VP Events. Today, we are happy to feature our first VP Events, Ashley Brown!


As a fourth year student at UBC, Ashley is majoring in International Relations with the goal of attending law school in the fall of 2017. Since she was a child, Ashley has always wanted to follow her dad’s footsteps and become a lawyer. This past summer she had an internship at one of Canada’s leading personal injury firms, Slater Vecchio, where she assisted lawyers in preparing for trials and mediations, among other things. Along with being the VP Events for the UBC Pre-Law Society, Ashley is the VP Membership of her sorority, Gamma Phi Beta, as well as a volunteer coach for Special Olympics BC and an assistant math teacher for Down Syndrome Research Foundation.

We asked Ashley some questions about her journey and plans with UBC and law:


Q: What inspired you to want to pursue law school?

A: My dad has always been an extremely important role model in my life. He is a lawyer and for as long as I can remember I’ve been a daddy’s girl and wanted to follow his footsteps. Going through life with a physical disability he has continuously proved his doubters wrong, and has faced all challenges with determination and perseverance.  I look up to him for everything in my life, and hope to be just half the person he is. Because of this it has alway just seemed right to pursue a career in law.


Q: What do you like best about the UBC Pre-Law Society?
A: What I most like about the UBC Pre-Law Society is the ability to network with fellow undergrads who have the same ideals and goals that I do. I always love seeing fellow members connect with one another, but also wanting to connect with and join our Executive Team. UBC is a big community to be a part of – it can be intimidating, but also lonely. I love that within our society we are able to provide an environment for like-minded people to connect, but also inspire students to follow their dreams.


Q: What does your ideal journey to becoming a lawyer look like?
A: After I graduate with my BA in International Relations, I hope to take a few months to travel Europe. This is something I want to get done before the rush of law school and articling takes over. I would love to attend Allard School of Law, as that is where my dad went, but I am pretty much open to any of the Canadian Law Schools (although I am terrified of the winters of Eastern Canada). Last year I met someone that had clerked for a judge within the Canadian court system and that sparked an interest for me. So, it would be ideal to clerk for some time. I do want to pursue a career in law, most likely within a corporate field. That being said, my last two internships have been at Personal Injury firms, which is also a big interest for me. Articling, and ultimately being hired, at an international corporate firm is my goal. And from there, who knows… maybe some day I will have the title of “The Honourable Madame Justice” hehe!

Q: What are some of your favourite places at UBC to hang out and study?
A: Ridington Room (Harry Potter Room) will always be my study sanctuary.


Ashley adopts an ambitious and generous mindset with her goal of becoming a partner at a top international firm that improves the lives of those living with physical and intellectual disabilities. She also enjoys staying active by playing tennis and soccer. A fun fact about her is that she has been to 30+ concerts in her lifetime and is a huge Classic Rock fan! 
Ashley is looking forward to a year full of engaging events and can’t wait to network with all the other motivated members of the society! Be sure to catch her at Life of a Law Student on Nov 17th!

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