Midterms Survival 101 – Pre-Law is Here to Help!



They say Vancouver has 4 seasons, but really it has 5. Welcome to midterms season, ladies and gentleman! We hope you have been coping well and adopting a headstrong mindset towards conquering these seemingly scary tests (unless you’ve taken the LSAT; in that case, midterms are probably fairly painless).

At Pre-Law society, we’re a whole group of students who are all on the same boat as you. This is why we decided to do a blog post on midterms at UBC, and share with you some of our favourite ways of getting through this busy month.

Some good places to study on campus (that aren’t ridiculously busy!)
o Group study tables outside club offices on 3rd & 4th floor of the Nest
o Woodward Library – individual study rooms
o Scarf building – study cubicles towards the back of the building on the bottom floor
o The Brock Hall library (did you even know that existed?!)
o Irving K Barber Library (upper floors)
o The Alumni Centre Café – does get busy during peak hours, but it’s beautiful if you haven’t checked it out!

Snacks and appies around UBC to get that brain moving
o Asian snack store above the bubble tea place in the village
o Qoola – By Sauder
o Upper & Lower case, The Delly – The Nest
o Biercraft and Menchies – Wesbrook Village
o Agora Café – Bottom floor of MacMillan (Run of LFS students! Local produce)
o Bean Around the World
o Loafe Café – Inside the Alumni Center
o Tim Hortons in the Forestry Building

Places to take a (much needed) study break
o Get that heart rate up – Bird Coop, Gold’s, REC, Intramurals
o Brain challenge? Braun challenge! – Rock-climbing at the Nest
o Lunch or dinner date at the Pit (Enjoy those huge flat screens, or your own personal flatscreen)
o Take a nice stroll/ bike ride by Wreck Beach
o Botanical/Rose Gardens by UBC (although, at this time of the year, you might reconsider)

Academic Resources
o Make sure to read the UBC “Live well” page
o UBC Counseling
o Student Health Service Center
o Wellness Centre
o Peer Wellness Coaching
o Friends and Family

Other advice to relieve stress
o Remember to eat! Food is tremendously important to your cognitive functioning – do not neglect it.
o Take frequent breaks. We know this is hard, but everyone has an attention span, and once you’ve hit that, your productivity dramatically decreases anyway. Taking frequent breaks will help you refresh.
o Study in (good) groups – it keeps you motivated and reminds you that you aren’t the only one going through stress; it’s best to fight it together!
o Contrary to popular beliefs, all-nights do not help to increase your chances of better grades; sleep is extremely important to brain functionality.
o If you find yourself getting overwhelmed, remember to breathe in and breathe out; take a short break.
o Don’t be hard on yourself for not getting a grade as high as you wanted. Every quiz, test an exam is a learning lesson as much as it is a form of evaluation – tons of employers value a hardworking individual with a great attitude more than one who is only book-smart.
o No one is perfect, focus on progress.

We’d love to hear some of your advice and feedback as well, so feel free to leave it in the comments!

Lastly, BEST OF LUCK!!

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