Here's a list of helpful resources (sorted by category) that can help you with your legal pursuits (Disclaimer: These resources may not contain completely accurate or up-to-date information, so use them as a starting point for your own research). Links will open in a new window.

Peter A. Allard School of Law Official Website - The official website for the Allard School of Law at UBC.

LSAC (Law School Admission Council) - The LSAC's official website. Register for the LSAT, get admissions information, and find LSAT resources here.


Top Law Schools (TLS) - A terrific resource for those students who are interested in American law schools. Contains school rankings, profiles, interviews with adcomms, personal statement and LSAT strategies and more.

Law School Predictor - Another excellent resource for prospective American law students. Allows you to input your projected GPA and LSAT score, then calculates your chances of being admitted to various schools.

RateMyProfessors - UBC - UBC's RateMyProfessors index. Find peer comments about a particular class or professor and gain helpful insight into class structures and requirements. Due to the subjective and anonymous nature of the comments, you should take information here with a grain of salt.

AdmissionsDean - A social networking site that connects students applying to law schools to help them predict their law school admission chances.


UBC PAIR (Planning and Institutional Research) Grades Distribution Index - Arguably the single most valuable resource for UBC students. Find averages and grade distributions of past classes, discover how many students received As in one class, and figure out which classes you should take.

Law School Numbers - Primarily geared towards American law students, this site contains a database with current and historical data on application results and GPA/LSAT ranges. See what type of GPA or LSAT scores got applicants into a particular school. As with any user-dependent database, the information here may not be completely accurate.

LawPad LSAC GPA Calculator -  A calculator that converts letter grades into a numerical LSAC GPA that is used by many American law schools. To use this, convert your percentage grades into letter grades using your home institution's conversion scale, then calculate the number of total credits you have in each letter grade category. Note that most Canadian law schools do not use this GPA system or grading scale.

Amazing Grade Calculator - It really is amazing. This handy tool lets you find out what you have to get on your assignments, midterms and finals in order to finish with a particular letter grade in the course. If you're a UBC student, you will have to modify the percentage scale on the bottom to match your faculty's grading scale.


Kaplan LSAT - Kaplan LSAT's official website. Find LSAT resources, register in an LSAT course, and contact LSAT advisors here.

LSAT Blog - An excellent free LSAT blog that's maintained by a former LSAT tutor. Contains diagramming tips, Q&A articles, purchasable study schedules, and more.

7Sage LSAT - Complete online LSAT course created by two Harvard Law grads. Excellent explanations in HD video for nearly single LSAT logic game ever published.

Pre-Law Association LSAT Workshops - Come to our numerous LSAT workshops throughout the year and dismantle the LSAT. Our workshops are free for members!