For the 2017/2018 school year, we have a team full of passionate, fun, and driven students interested in law. We strive to provide educational events so that students will be more informed and motivated to learn more about how to achieve their goals.



Katherine Akladios is the Co-President of the UBC Pre-Law Society. She is majoring in Central, Near Eastern, Religious studies and is expected to graduate in May 2018. Over the course of her studies she has had the opportunity to learn about the historical development of western law. Through such studies it has probed her interest in pursuing a career in law to further learn about the development of law and its contemporary applications. Katherine is passionate about volunteering for legal non-profits that focus on providing legal aid to all citizens. As co-president of the UBC Pre-Law Society, she hopes to engage members through events and workshops that will inform members on the law industry and law school applications. She is looking forward to her term and continuing to develop the UBC Pre-Law Society.



Gurlane is in his final year at UBC planning on attending law school. He has experienced life in the legal field where he acted as a legal assistant for clients. With his passion towards criminal law, he completed his RCMP training for Restorative Justice, where he took an approach to justice that focused on the needs of the victims and offenders, as well as the involved community. Gurlane has been involved in many different leadership events where he was the delegate and played lead registration role at conferences such as the UBC Student Leadership Conference. Aside from having a passion in law, Gurlane enjoys solving Rubik’s cubes and Sudoku puzzles. Not only that, he enjoys fixing broken items which many believe are impossible to fix (most of the time, he finds himself to be successful). Gurlane is delighted to serve as your President this year and is looking forward to meeting all the members of the UBC Pre-Law Society!


VP External

Robin is in his 4th year majoring in Political Science with a minor in International relations. This is Robin’s 2nd year on the Pre-Law executive. He’s particularly interested in public policy, foreign affairs, and constitutional law. He’s been active on campus, previously holding positions with the Alma Mater Society and Arts Undergraduate Society. He also served as the VP Finance of the Political Science Student Association. He’s politically active as well and most recently served as the President of the UBC Young Liberals of Canada during the 2015 Federal Election. He is also involved with the World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers Hub in Vancouver, currently serving as its Vice-Curator. In his free time, Robin enjoys watching Suits, House of Cards and is a huge soccer fan


VP Sponsorship

Danveer is currently in his third year of the BCom program at the Sauder School of Business. Danveer hopes to practice law in industries such as commercial real estate, capital markets, mining, oil & gas, and other areas in the Canadian financial service sector. Danveer has always been interested in learning about the history of the law, and the extent to which its acts as a foundation which governs our society. Its complexity by nature has always intrigued Danveer, and motivated him to pursue further education beyond his undergrad. Danveer hopes to step foot into a career which provides the opportunity to illustrate his two academic passions, business and law. Danveer is involved in many clubs at UBC, but feels most delighted to be a part of the UBC Pre Law Society, and hopes to provide absolute value for their club members.


VP Internal

Jerry Ku is currently a 4th year student studying Political Science in the Faculty of Arts. He has had the unparalleled opportunity to be a part of the UBC Pre-Law Society for the last three years and is incredibly excited to make another return this year as the incoming VP Internal. His role will primarily circulate around making sure that this year’s executive team is given the best shot to provide the absolute best experience to its members through great events throughout the year. His passion for law is closely related to his interests in his major of Political Science, those being but not limited to, Security Studies, Global Politics, and Environmental Law. Aside from his academic fanaticism, Jerry is a complete nut when it comes to sports, his favourite being basketball, and also loves dogs (owns three) as well as indulging in some quality wine. He can’t wait to meet all the club members, new and old, in this upcoming year!


VP Events

Barbara is a third-year student at UBC, majoring in Sociology and minoring in Law and Society. This is Barbara’s second year as part of the executive team. She hopes to plan and execute very informative and fun events this year along with her VP events team. Barbara’s hope in life is to create impact and touch others’ lives in some way, even if it is by tiny increments. Barbara is particularly interested in the area where the legal system and society intersects. She is fascinated by the tension between public policy and real life social needs and interests. She believes that it is through the critical consideration of this latter component can new generations inspire social change. Apart from the pre-law society, Barbara has served the UBC Arts Undergraduate Society as Associate VP Communications. She is proud to share her accomplishment of completely redesigning the AUS website. In her spare time, Barbara enjoys interior designing, biking, and baking cookies. Barbara looks forward to meeting all of you!


VP Events

Filza Raza is in her fourth year of her Political Science degree with a minor in Law and Society. She is passionate about public policy development and law and hopes to integrate both into her future career on Parliament Hill. She has a diverse range of experiences on and off-campus, including serving as the Elections Administrator of the AMS & AUS to being the lead event coordinator of the inaugural Vancouver Mural Festival. Filza looks forward to making this one of the best years yet and hopes to meet you all in upcoming events.


VP Events

Vanessa Mann is a third-year Psychology student at UBC. She has always been keen on studying the various aspects of psychology, particularly human behaviour and cognition. Vanessa is primarily interested in criminal and family law; therefore, in the future she would like to be able to take the knowledge that she has gained in Psychology and apply it to the field of law. During her spare time Vanessa likes to golf, go shopping and hang out with her friends and family. She also enjoys watching TV shows such as Scandal, Suits and Criminal Minds. Vanessa is very pleased and excited to have been selected again as VP Events for this academic year. Looking forward to another great year!


Executive Assistant

Adil is a third-year student majoring in Political Science with a focus in International Relations and a minor in Law and Society. His interest in law stems from his early teenage years when he used to enjoy visiting his aunt’s law firm in India and see how she would choose to troubleshoot and handle different criminal cases. Ever since then he has been aspiring to be a lawyer and the Pre-Law Society provides the perfect platform to meet other like-minded people who are also striving towards the same goal. His end goal would be to end up working for an International Organization like the United Nations or the International Criminal Court. In his spare time, he loves to play and watch sports, Netflix (Binge watch any show really) and spend time with friends.


Executive Assistant

Currently a second-year level student studying at the Sauder School of Business, Jordan aims to graduate with a major in Finance and afterwards, attend the Allard School of Law. He hopes to pursue a career in corporate law and is looking forward to the events and resources provided during his first year as an executive member of the Pre-Law Society. His hobbies include reading (preferably classic literature), working out at the gym, hiking and travelling whenever and wherever possible. During gaps between studies, he often advocates for his parents within a business environment that requires a general knowledge of the laws and regulations surrounding an entrepreneurship and spends his time proofreading, analyzing, and interpreting both legal and business documents. After developing numerous skills required for running, starting and maintaining large-scale business endeavors, he would like to make a smoother transition into the study of corporate law and combine his two passions together. If seen on campus, don’t hesitate to say hello or ask him a question!


Executive Assistant

Maria is a third year BCom student specializing in finance! Her interest in pursuing a career in law was heightened by her first commercial law course at UBC. Now, the Pre-Law Society is helping her through the process of figuring out her future in a career in law and she's excited to help others going through the same process! In her spare time she likes to play volleyball and training for triathlons! You can find her anywhere outside and usually with her 125 pound dog. She's looking forward to meeting everyone this year!


VP Marketing

Keegan, a fourth year student, is entering his final year of his English Language BA and plans on continuing his education in the field of law at Allard Law School, or Osgoode Hall Law School. Having spent time most of his childhood travelling around the world, Keegan has strong interests in social justice issues, global equality, and enforcement of human rights worldwide after seeing mass poverty and bigotry during his travels. His passions to end these injustices compel him to pursue a career in law as a legal representative for the Canadian Foreign Affairs Department, and international law. He currently hopes and works diligently towards being admitted at either law school; whether that be preparing for the LSAT, inquiring about admission prerequisites or financial planning. Apart from his academic inclinations and passion for law, he was a Varsity athlete for the UBC Thunderbird Football team for three years and continues to support the Birds. He loves to "push the limits" and try new extreme sports, such as, cliff skiing at Whistler backcountry, diving with sharks, or guiding people around the CN Tower on EdgeWalk. This year he is pleased to be your Vice-President of Marketing, and eagerly looks forward to meeting and advising all new members of UBC's Pre-Law Society.