Upcoming Events


University of Sydney Pizza Information Session

When: Tuesday, 22 November at 5:00-8:00PM PST

Where: Michael Kingsmill Forum (AMS Nest, 4th Floor)

Join us alongside representatives from the University of Sydney Law School for an informative night catered by the university. Enjoy a slice and learn about the benefits of attending law school in abroad, with details regarding the admissions process.


UBC Peter A. Allard Law School Tour

When: Tuesday, 29 November at 12:30-2:00PM PST

Where: Specified upon sign-up

Curious what the inside of a law school looks like?... Join us on November 29th to tour UBC's very own law school, Peter A. Allard School of Law. The tours will be led by their Student Ambassadors and include a short presentation about Allard Law and the admissions process, the tours themselves, and a Q&A period.

Registration for this event is MANDATORY.

  • If you are not yet a member, please visit our member form to become a UBC Pre-Law member, and send us an email (at ubcprelaw@gmail.com) to receive a registration form for the event.
  • If you already are a UBC Pre-Law member, please check your inbox for a link to the event registration (email titled: "Sign up for UBC Allard Law Tours!")

Executive Members of the UBC Pre-Law Association will also be booting the week prior to the event in the AMS Nest! You can find us there and register for the event in person.



'Life Beyond Law'

When: End of November (TBA)

Where: TBA

Curious to know how you can use your law degree to pursue a career path outside of the legal field? Come join us in our annual ‘Life Beyond Law’ event to find out!

Life Beyond Law will provide you with information about the different career paths you can take after acquiring a law degree. Members will have the opportunity to engage in a Q&A and learn from a panel of speakers who have all used their degrees to pursue a career outside of  law. Our panellists will provide you with insights by speaking to their personal experiences.


'Life of a Law Student'

When: February (TBA)

Where: Zoom

Do you want to know how your time might be spent in law school? Come join us at our Life of a Law Student event to find out!

One thing is for sure: In law school, you will be busy and your time will be precious. At Life of a Law Student, you will have an opportunity to interact with current law students and gain some insight into their day-to-day.

Do you have a friend that would be interested in joining the panel? Send us an email at ubcprelaw@gmail.com.


'Life of a Lawyer'

When: March (TBA)

Where: Zoom

Are you interested in gaining insight into the day-to-day life of a lawyer? Do you have any burning questions about the legal profession that you’d like an attorney to answer? If so, Life of a Lawyer might be the event for you!

It is no news that the legal profession is one of the most demanding and grueling professions in the world. You will have an opportunity to learn why that is at Life of a Lawyer. Join us at this event as we question a panel of attorneys on their experience within the legal profession.


And, more...

Stay updated as we post more events throughout the year.

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