Welcome to UBC Pre-Law Association 2022/23!

Hey everyone!

The new school year is about to kick off in about a month over at the University of British Columbia. That means many of you are either starting your post-secondary career with us, or maybe you’re half way through your programme, or you are reconsidering your goals and aspirations. If you are thinking about starting a career in law, the UBC Pre-Law Association¬†is a great way to start. We offer various events throughout the year that introduce you to the world of law, from which law schools are available, the procedures to get into these programmes, and also provide networking sessions with people already in the industry.

This year, a new feature that we are introducing is our blog. Through it we hope to inform you about upcoming events, events you may have missed out on, and interviews with faculty members, current and former students, and current lawyers in Vancouver, just to name a few.

So make sure you keep an eye out for news on our blog, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram and Twitter!

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